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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Trip To Australia (Arrival)

Assalam my dear followers!

It has been a while since my last post. Do you know why? Because I've been to......... AUSTRALIA!!!!! 

I was very happy and verrrrryyyyy excited.  Because  it was the first time for me to went out of Malaysia. I went there with my parents, my brothers and my Tok Wan! Oh, I'm very happy indeed!

I boarded an Air Asia airbus from LCCT Airport, Sepang to Melbourne International Airport, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia! Oh my! 

It tooks about 8 HOURS to reach Melbourne. I had never been so long in an aircraft before and I was very excited. When we landed on the airport the temperature was 11 degrees. Brrrr...... It WAS FREEZING COLD. (TO ME ) 

After taking our luggage, abi rent a car. And it was A BRAND NEW, SHINING,BIG CAR. Abi was the first driver. Amazing, right? The car was a blue KIA Grand Carnival.
When we reached our homestay at Springvale, we were extremly relieved because there were heaters in the house. And what a luck, the house's owner left some Halal MAGGI. Ummi cooked the maggi  and we happily ate the maggi together.

I have to take care my youngest brother right now. Just wait for the another entry!
Till then, bye.


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