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Daisypath Happy Birthday tickers

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

My Hobby

Assalam, friend. Please accept my apology for not continuing my entry about trip to Australia. I'll continue it on the other day.

Today, i'm going to tell all of you about my  hobby. I bet EVERYONE have a hobby, right?


  1. Reading books!!! I love reading books so much that many people called me bookworm or ulat buku in malay. I LOVE reading novels and encyclopedia. Most of my novels are in Malay. But all my encyclopedias are in English. So, when I get books as my presents, I will have bundles of joy and quickly read the book when I am free. The same thing happens when  when I go  to a bookshop or a 'pesta buku'. 
  2. Collecting keychains. I have dozens of keychains. Many people love collecting stamps. But not me. hehe. I get keychains from my friends, my relatives or I buy them myself. 
  3. Drawing. Although I can't draw very well, but I still love drawing. I will draw when I am bored. I love drawing cartoons:)
  4. Blogging. I know I don't write entries very often. But I still love it.

So, now know what I love to do on my free times.
I hope Allah redha  with my hobbies. 


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