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Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Chinese New Year Holiday (Day 1)


It has been a while since my last post.

Today, I want to tell you about my Chinese New Year HOLIDAY.

DAY 1 :

Abi brought us to KL Tower. It was a surprise for my brothers and me.
We are so happy!

We went to the counter. A man gave us some tickets for family  package.

Then, we went to the Observation Deck. It was equipped with the Audio Tour Service and binoculars. But, we did not use the Audio Tour Service. We just use the binoculars to see Kuala Lumpur' s view. It was very beautiful!   

Then, abi bought Harraz and Hamzah some toys. I think they were happiest boy that time. He he he..... Just kidding.   

Then Harraz and me took a pony ride. At first, I was terribly scared. But, when I saw Harraz relax, slowly I relax myself.

Then we went to KL Tower Animal Zone. There were so many snakes.
Ummi and I was a bit afraid of them, but terribly ' geli '  of the squishy thing.

After that, Harraz and me took some photos with cute parrots. They sat on our shoulder. Harraz' s parrot was  white and yellow. Mine was red, green, a bit blue and a bit yellow.

Then we went to Pavilion to eat lunch. We ate at Nandos restaurant. It was so delicious! Then abi brought us to Baskin Robbins to eat ice cream. I was very very very happy!

Then we went to Masjid Negara to send our home key to my aunt. Do you know why?  Because, Ummi was not sure she had switch off the iron or not. I think it was a bit funny. He he he...

After abi gave the key to my aunt, we when to our hotel. It was called      
Sheraton Hotel and Resort.The hotel was so nice.

We went to our room and have a rest. The room was very nice and comfortable. We rested and  watched television.

Then, we went out and off to the monorail station. I was very happy because that was my first time taking a monorail. We went to Berjaya Times Square .

 There, we did not buy anything except some squishy toys for Harraz, Hamzah and me. They were funny toys with water inside it. We went back to the hotel by taking another monorail.

 At our room, we played with our toys.

While we were playing, Harraz's toy leaking. We laughed because the toy look funny without water inside  it.

We just kept playing. But then, Hamzah' s  toy leaking too. So, I must lend mine.I really really did not want to give mine to Hamzah.But I must. So, I gave it to Hamzah and just let him played with it. Suddenly,  Hamzah pulled mine very hard and..................................... THE WATER BURSTED OUT! I just 
saw it quietly.

Then I went to perform SOLAT MAGHRIB. 

 For the last time, we went out for dinner. We ate at  Wadi Hadramawt.
 We had Mandy Rice. It was Arabic food. So delicious!

It was the end of day 1.

How about day 2? Wait for the another entry!

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