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Daisypath Happy Birthday tickers

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A Surprise From PTS

Its a  long time since I last wrote in this blog.
Today I want to tell you a  story about a surprise from PTS.

On a Sunday evening two weeks ago, when I wanted  to perform Asar prayer in my room, Ummi raced upstairs and shouted " Indah, ada parcel untuk Indah! " And then, I replied " Kejap, Indah nak sembahyang! "                 
Then, Ummi replied back," Tunggu kejap, Ummi naik ni!" When Ummi was upstairs, Ummi gave the parcel 
to me and asked me to open it. When I open the parcel, I shouted, " Wah, buku! " In the parcel, there are two books, two badges and a coupon.Do you want to know what the reason I recieved the parcel? If you ever read PTS books, you will know  the reason. He he he... The reason is, I collect the stamp at the PTS books. That's the answer! 

Okay, I'm tired typing.
Love all of you!


  1. mmm...let's collect some more! nanti dapat books lagi...best kan? just came back from your school...surprise!!! hehehe (btw alhamdulillah & congratulations! mmuaahsss...)

  2. Good post Indah. Keep the posts flowing. An avenue where you can practice your writing skills. :)